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Vincent Arcilesi - Tribeca Window
January 2024


Bio / CV

Vincent Arcilesi (1932 - 2022)
My work reflects my two great passions in life: the human figure and the landscape. I try to portray the
nude form, both male and female, in all its sensuous glory. I have painted compositions since 1964 and
started painting landscapes on site in 1966. While at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I was
trained as an abstract painter, I fell under the spell of the great French Impressionist paintings in their
collection. Over the years, the two strains have become intermingled so that many of my large paintings
depict nude figures in various landscapes, mythic as well as real.
 - Vincent Arcilesi

2023 The Spirit of Color, AHA Fine Art, NYC
2023 Allegory and Selected Drawing Studies for Allegory, AHA Fine Art, Artsy online exhibition
2021 Memorial Exhibition Nan & Vincent, AHA Fine Art, NYC
2015 New Paintings and Pastels: Central Park, Athlens, Santorini & Naples, AHA Fine Art, NYC
2017 Vincent Arcilesi Retrospective, Highline Loft, NYC
2013 Arcilesi in Rome Part II, AHA Fine Art, NYC
2013 Arcilesi in Rome II, AHA Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY
2010 Arcilesi in Rome, Broome Street Gallery, NYC
2008 Arcilesi in Mexico, Broome Street Gallery, NYC
2006 Arcilesi Around the World: Part II, Landscape Survey 1966-2006)
2005 Arcilesi in Russia, 2004 2/20 Gallery, NYC (Arcilesi Around the World: Landscape Survey
1976–2001, 2/20 Gallery, NYC, curated by John Arthur).
2006 2/20 Gallery, NYC (Arcilesi Around the World: Part II, Landscape Survey 1966-2006)
2005 Broome Street Gallery, NYC (Arcilesi in Russia)
Also (2003–Arcilesi in Morocco), (2001–Arcilesi in London), (1999–Arcilesi in Paris),
(1997–Arcilesi in New York), (1995–Arcilesi in Italy)
2004 2/20 Gallery, NYC (Arcilesi Around the World: Landscape Survey 1976–2001,
curated by John Arthur). Also 2002, 2000, 1996
2003 Arcilesi in Morocco, (1999–Arcilesi in Paris), (1997–Arcilesi in New York), (1995–Arcilesi in Italy),
2/20 Gallery, NYC
2001 Arcilesi in London,1999–Arcilesi in Paris,1997–Arcilesi in New York, 1995–Arcilesi in Italy, 2/20
Gallery, NYC
1995 Carmichael & Carmichael Fine Art, St. Paul, MN
1988 Noho Gallery, NYC (Also 1985, 1981)
1978 Capricorn Galleries, Bethesda, MD
1977 Westbroadway Gallery, NYC (Also 1975, 1974, 1973)

Hirshhorn Museum, The Joseph H. Hirshhorn Bequest, Washington, DC
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
The Art Institute of Chicago, IL
Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL

Works on display:


Vincent Arcilesi
Woolworth Building, (NYC) 1997
Oil on canvas
20 x 16"



Vincent Arcilesi
Statue of Liberty (New York, USA),
Oil on canvas
12 x 16"



Vincent Arcilesi
Trees - Central Park (New York City, USA), 1983
Oil on canvas
16 x 12"



Vincent Arcilesi
Warren Street View (New York, USA), 1992
Oil on canvas
20 x 16"



Vincent Arcilesi
Trees of Windham (Catskills NY), 1981

30 × 46"

Please inquire for pricing


Vincent Arcilesi

Untitled (View from Duane Street)

Oil on canvas 

12 x 9"


Francesca Arcilesi




Vincent Arcilesi lived in Tribeca for 40 years. He was one of the original Tribeca based NYC artists. Arcilesi passed away in January of 2022.

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