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The exhibition features a unique array of work  including mural-esque large scale figurative paintings, medium size figurative and landscape paintings, drawings, lithographs, and one watercolor. Prefacing the genesis of  Arcilesi’s career, the show begins with the artist’s first ever oil on canvas entitled Scenes from the Life of Christ. This work was created at age fifteen at the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home, where Arcilesi and his brother, Richard, were placed at ages two and four after their mother died and their father, Vincenzo Proia Arcilesi went blind. Connecting the influences   of his religious upbringing to his mid-career and contemporary work, the show then segues into figurative and landscape painting, reflecting his profound investigation of the body and themes of the sublime within nature. The  works on view undoubtedly call attention Arcilesi’s technique and the valorousness of his subject matter.

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